11.07.13 TASA's Cake Boss. 9:30 PM @ LSC 202.

11.14.13 Deadline for shadower applications.



"The Taiwanese American Student Association strives to promote and build awareness of Taiwanese culture, food, and language to the Rutgers community while educating and empowering the next generation of our nation's leaders in the process. Through various cultural and social activities, TASA seeks to unify students of every background with an interest in celebrating Taiwanese culture.

What makes our organization unique is our close-knit family atmosphere...Even with the diversified cultural backgrounds of our members, TASA is more than just a student organization - it is a family."
- Julia Pan, 2011-12 TASA President


The Taiwanese American Student Association has been recognized and awarded multiple times from others both within and outside the Rutgers community. We are an organization that is constantly looking for ways to improve itself and connect with the student body.

ITASA Outstanding Achievement Award
AACC Student Organization of the Year
Rutgers Student Life: Outstanding Educational/Academic Program (Shadowing Program)

AACC Student Organization of the Year
AACC Best Collaborative Program (Survival of the Fittest - VSA & TASA)

AACC Best Performing Arts Event (Freestyle 2010)